We here at BBNG want to give special thanks to many people and organizations who have helped us along the way.

Lissa Dorfman: For getting BBNG those starter gigs, giving us our name and giving Zee his first jacket.

Ed Bordeleau: For taking a chance on our add and building a band behind us. For your hard work and never give up attitude.

Jan Bordeleau: For spoiling us with your incredible knowledge and talent, your patience and all the effort behind the scenes.

John Henry Shuck: For your confidence in us, your fine tuning touches, and your positive attitude.

Stian Brinch: For the incredible attention to detail, commitment to rehearsal, willingness to rebuild when needed and talent scouting. 

Lorena Brinch: For all your hard work and tireless efforts. Your creativity, communication and ability to crack the whip when necessary.

Mark Pszenny: For your work in the studio and on the road, for your attitude always keeping things fun, and your continuing graciousness.

Adam Grenier: For your work at the board, and roadie detail.

Dave Lembo: For your most generous contributions to the band during BBNG's "karaoke" phase.

Manchester Music Mill: For being the band's unofficial official supply store.